Children’s Community Development

The Western Ottawa Community Resource Centre has a Children’s Community Developer who works with local individuals, schools, early learning and care agencies and community groups to identify existing needs or issues involving children prenatal to age 12 years and to help develop and coordinate services.

The Children’s Community Developer engages and empowers families, care providers and other professionals to advocate and work collaboratively with other community groups to address needs, concerns and issues that develop. Initiatives will improve the health and well-being of children and their families and provide opportunities for collective action and community growth.

Children’s Community Development activities include:

  • Service fairs to provide information about the resources and services available to children and their families (such as Welcome to Kindergarten events, visits to community playgroups)
  • Growing Healthy Screening Clinics (offered once every 18 months)
  • Dental Screening clinics in the Early Years Centre, community playgroups.
  • Working with Early Learning and Care facilities, schools and community groups through workshops and in-service sessions (Building Healthy Peer Relationships, bullying prevention, anxiety, etc.)
  • Assisting in starting up community playgroups.
  • Collaborating with other agencies to provide additional services to the Early Years program such as visits and workshops from a Registered Dietitian and Lactation Consultant Nurse.
  • Coordination of the Fun Friends and Friends for Life anxiety prevention program.
  • Coordination of two Homework Clubs for children in grades 3-8 at local schools.
  • Coalition and Network activities (Critical Hours, Parent Engagement Strategy, Citywide Bullying Prevention, Growing Up Great).
  • Working with action groups to address gaps and barriers to services.
  • Collaborating with school boards, which include the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board, the Ottawa Catholic School Board and the French boards (Internet Safety, Bullying Prevention, Healthy Peer Relationships, mental health issues).
  • Eagerly supporting any community group wishing assistance. 
Contact the Children’s Community Developer at 613-591-3686.

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