FRIENDS Programs

Fun Friends (4-7 years old) and Friends for Life (8-11 years old) anxiety prevention programs

Are you concerned that your child is anxious, more than what you would consider being average? The FRIENDS program can help. Over the course of 8-10 weeks your child will engage in meaningful and interactive sessions with their peers to address their anxiety and help to reduce the effects it is having on their enjoyment of everyday experiences. Each session will be one and half hours long, which includes a light snack. Generally, the sessions occur late in the afternoon (4:30 to 6 p.m.).

The FRIENDS Programs:

  • Assist children in developing life skills to effectively cope with difficult and/or anxiety provoking situations
  • Are based on research relating to the prevention and treatment of anxiety
  • Help children learn about and identify their emotions
  • Teach relaxation techniques as a way of coping with anxious feelings
  • Teach children to identify their red or negative thoughts and to counter them with green or positive thoughts
  • Teach problem solving techniques
  • Teach the importance of rewards and celebrating successes, even the small ones
  • Teach children how to be brave and confident, which improves self-esteem
  • Are not a social skills programs and are not to help make friends
  • The word “FRIENDS” is an acronym for the different skills the children learn

Each age-specific group has a booklet that accompanies the sessions. We share the cost of the booklet with families and ask for $10 to cover the cost. Otherwise, there are no other costs.

Groups occur during the regular school year.

Please contact our counselling services team if you are interested in one of these programs for your child or youth.


Family Guide to Reducing Anxiety

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