Youth Community Development

Are you a youth? Is there an issue in your school that you feel passionate about taking a stand on? Is there a project that you want to do in your community, but you need help getting started? Our youth community developer can help!

The WOCRC has a youth community developer who engages and empowers youth, and advocates for their needs. The youth community developer also works with schools, community members, groups, and organizations to identify needs or issues involving youth and to help provide services  in Goulbourn, Kanata, and West Carleton.

To break it down, these are some of the projects the youth community developer works on:

  • Attends service fairs to provide information about the resources available to youth in the community.
  • Gives presentations to youth or parents on many subjects, such as bullying, mental health, and internet safety. 
  • Helps start up community youth programs, such as The ZONE and The Queerios. 
  • Works with schools to support youth. For example, helps to run suicide prevention, bullying prevention, and mental wellness programs.
  • Coordinates coalitions and networks that support youth needs. 
  • Helps to create special youth events, like the first ever Kanata Pride. 

Contact the Youth Community Developer at 613-591-3686.

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