Service Interruption Protocol

Our policy in the event of inclement weather conditions

The WOCRC strives to offer services and programs that are planned with the safety of clients, caregivers, volunteers and staff in mind.  

As such, the Community Support Services program recognizes that there are times during the year when inclement weather conditions may force the closure and/or cancellation of programs and services.  

Ultimately, the decision to close programs and/or cancel services remains at the discretion of the coordinator, in consultation with the Team Manager and/or the Staff Senior Manager.

Staff will notify clients, caregivers and volunteers of the cancellation and/or closure.  

Please note that fees for any services or programs cancelled at the discretion of the WOCRC will not be charged to our clients.

The WOCRC makes every effort to accommodate all requests for CSS, which depends on the availability of volunteers and workers.  We look forward to serving you or a loved one soon!