Meals on Wheels


Community Support Services will be temporarily pausing the hot meal and fresh Indian meal programs during the month of January.  Our focus is presently on providing our community members with grocery and pharmacy delivery services and frozen meal services. We will also provide ongoing virtual programming to assist our senior community members to connect with one another and reduce feelings of social isolation.

Full course hot meals, ready to eat, Monday through Friday delivery. $6.75/meal.

To schedule delivery of a hot meal, please click here.

Frozen Meals

  • Pre-packaged: $36.50/pkg (a package consists of 7 entrées OR 5 entrées with 5 soups/desserts)
  • By order: $5.75 each (min. 5 delivered)

Frozen meals are available for purchase at our Nepean building, 3865 Old Richmond Road, Bells Corners. They can be ordered for weekly delivery from the variety of meals available at our Nepean building.

For weekly delivery of frozen meals, please click here.

Monthly delivery of frozen meals is available from the larger menu selection. For monthly delivery of frozen meals, please click here.

Menus are available at the links below OR by speaking with a program and service coordinator.

Click here to view or download our current Meals on Wheels menu.

Kosher Meals

Jewish Family Services of Ottawa operates a Kosher Meals on Wheels program that meets the dietary needs of both Jewish and Muslim clients. For more information, please call 613-722-2225, ext. 315 or e-mail

If you live outside of Kanata, Nepean and West Carleton, please use Caredove to find the nearest provider of this service.

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