VAW Counselling Program

The VAW Counselling Program provides individual and group counselling to women aged 16 years or older who identify themselves as having been sexually, physically or emotionally abused by their partners or significant others (could be caregiver or other immediate family/household member). Services are delivered in person or over the phone.

Individual Support

Services include:

  • Crisis/support counselling to assist individuals seeking urgent assistance in person
  • Short-term, goal focused counselling for women in the community
  • Development of safety strategies or plans for women and their children
  • Provision of information on rights, options, and available services
  • Referrals or linking women to appropriate services
  • Cultural interpretation
  • Advocacy with other agencies (i.e., legal, financial, etc.)

Group support

First stage group topics include:

  • What is abuse?
  • How violence affects women
  • Types of abuse
  • Cycle of violence/power and control
  • Healthy/unhealthy relationships
  • Family law (guest speaker)
  • Self-care/celebration

Second stage group topics include:

  • Coping tools for stress
  • Self-esteem
  • Setting boundaries
  • How to trust self/others
  • Story telling
  • Resources in the community

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