Violence Against Women

The Violence Against Women (VAW) program at the WOCRC has been providing support to women and children who live in the Kanata, Goulbourn, West Carleton, Rideau, Nepean, Osgoode and Bay wards. Access to support from Chrysalis House is not restricted to these areas.

We welcome all women from any age, culture, religion, sexual orientation and ability. We offer accessible counselling space, TTY and cultural interpretation.

If you are a woman who is currently living in an abusive relationship or have experienced intimate partner abuse (sexual, physical, emotional or other) in the past, when you are ready, give us a call. Our counsellors will provide safe, free and confidential support for you to make informed decisions about your family’s life. Our role is to provide safety planning, information, resources, referrals and support to help you meet your short- and long-term practical needs.

If you would like to learn more about abuse, or if you are wondering if you are in an abusive situation, please click here for more information.

Our counsellors do not determine for you whether or not you are being abused. Rather, they provide information and resources in order for you to make that decision for yourself. We believe that YOU are the expert in your life.

Our services are free and confidential. Financial help with childcare and transportation may be available.

Many women who are fleeing violence are often unaware of the impacts the abuse has had on their lives.  Here is a short sampling of the many books our counsellors recommend to women who are looking to better understand their situation and look towards building a life free from abuse. Our booklist for women is available here.


WOCRC is a partner of Unsafe at Home Ottawa. Unsafe at Home Ottawa is a text and chat line for survivors of domestic abuse in Ottawa and in Lanark County. This encrypted and confidential line is available every single day, from 8:30 AM to midnight. Click here to speak to a trained support worker now.

Programs & Services

CAS/VAW Integrated Services Program

Ottawa-based violence against women agencies (VAW) have partnered with the Children’s Aid Society (CAS) to implement a program that provides collaborative service delivery to women who have been referred to the CAS because of concerns regarding woman abuse occurring in the home. VAW case managers work with child protection workers to deliver services that address needs resulting from the abuse and to increase safety for women and their children. These case managers are supervised by a VAW program supervisor and work for the Western Ottawa Community Resource Centre.

Child Witness Program

The Child Witness Program provides individual and group counselling to children 18 years of age or younger, who have witnessed abuse; and women, aged 16 years or older whose children have witnessed woman abuse. This group helps children learn ways of coping through discussion, videos, crafts and activities. A group for mothers (offered at the same time as the children’s group), provides education, support and a link to what their children are learning as part of the program. Services are delivered in person or over the phone.

Transitional and Housing Support Programs

The Transitional and Housing Support Program and VAW/Housing Liaison Program provide services to women aged 16 years or older who identify themselves as having been sexually, physically or emotionally abused by their partners or significant others (could be a caregiver or another immediate family/household member). This program is offered to women who have made the decision to leave their abusive relationship. The goal of the programs is to provide flexible and practical supports to assist women to transition into their new communities. Services are delivered in person or over the phone.

Chrysalis House

Chrysalis House is a safe and secure 25-bed shelter in Western Ottawa. It is a place where a woman can go to protect herself and her dependants from violence and abuse. In this supportive environment, a woman can focus on her personal needs and choices, as well as on her dependants' needs.

Peer Support Program

The Peer Support Program is a service delivered by the WOCRC’s Volunteer Program that offers women, especially survivors of violence, an opportunity to work individually and collectively to end violence against women.

VAW Counselling Program

The VAW Counselling Program provides individual and group counselling to women aged 16 years or older who identify themselves as having been sexually, physically or emotionally abused by their partners or significant others (could be caregiver or other immediate family/household member). Services are delivered in person or over the phone.