2016 ROI Cheque Presentation 15.JPG
The WOCRC Executive Director Cathy Jordan accepts a cheque from the ROI among members of the West Carleton community at the West Carleton Community Complex on Feb. 9, 2016.

West Carleton has been selected as one of eight rural Ontario project sites for the Rural Ontario Institute’s Measuring Rural Community Vitality Initiative.

The WOCRC, along with several key community partners, is collaborating with the ROI on a community project in 2016 entitled RCD: Engagement on Health Priorities for Seniors and Caregivers in West Carleton.

“What an opportunity to have conversations with people who care about what is possible and then together make something happen that has the potential to change the lives of people in West Carleton,” said Michelle Murray, the WOCRC’s Director of Programs and Services.

The ROI support comes in the form of evaluation of the engagement process with rural seniors and caregivers. The WOCRC’s and partners’ role is to plan several public forums to provide West Carleton residents with the opportunity to talk about health issues related to aging in the rural setting – from housing to hospice.

Two public consultations were held on March 2 and 12.

“The evaluations have been positive, but more importantly, the energy in the room when the residents get to tell their story – just brilliant,” said Julie McKercher, Rural Community Developer. “It is safe to say that there is great concern and care around the issues of caregiving and aging in place, for residents themselves but for their peers as well.”

A third and fourth consultation will be held in Constance Bay on April 10 and in Carp on April 16. An open space large community wrap-up is organized for May 6 and 7.

“It seems that communities in West Carleton are ready to rally around ensuring that appropriate services are developed with their community needs and capacities in mind,” said McKercher.

For more information: 613-591-3686 ext. 498 or mckercher@wocrc.ca.